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Our company

Transport since 1988

The Karl Kollitsch Güterbeförderungs GmbH was founded 1988 by Karl and Bernaette Kollitsch. At the beginning of our business activity we started with 4 trucks. Through the good situation concerning orders of our customers, and the enormous diligence of our co-workers and the employment of the whole family, we have developed into a high performance enterprise.


We have a fleet of 25 trucks and employ at present 30 co-workers. Our son Karl Michael runs the garage and our daughter Bernadette helps also in our business activities. An important factor for our success is national and naturally also international cooperation with other transport enterprises. In our own multipurpose hall we repair and maintain all our vehicles.



Our services

We transport all kind of goods, like wood, building materials, steel, fuel oil, Diesel, bitumen, furniture, food and much more besides. Since over 20 years we are specialized also in special transports. The strengths of our enterprise are correct timing, reliability and flexibility. For us the satisfaction of our customers stands in the first place!


We bring what you need every day!